Study Groups

“The time that remains after the night Office should be spent in study by those brethren who need a better knowledge of the Psalter or the lessons” – St Benedict

The study groups play an important part in our parish community. The study groups are a friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere. They allow open discussion on scripture, liturgy, prayer, and religious texts.

The study groups do not cost anything to join, and are a good way to meet others from the Christian community, and share a part of your faith journey.

A regular study group meets at 11.00am on Wednesdays in the Eagle Centre.
Most members come to the 10.00am Eucharist and morning tea and stay on for the group.

In addition to Biblical studies, the group also reads and discusses the writings of authors such as Paula Gooder and Gerard Hughes.

To find out more about our study groups, please feel free to contact the Rector, Fr. David O’Neill.