Our Worship

The Mass (Eucharist or Holy Communion) is the central act of worship in our parish. It incorporates the rich ceremonial, liturgical and musical heritage of the Catholic expression of Anglicanism. There is a secure balance between congregational worship and choral services.

We seek to:

       I. dwell in the presence of God through:

SIGHT: by experiencing colours of vestments, ritual and ceremonial, windows and


SOUND: by experiencing beautiful reading and music, praying and preaching.


SMELL: by experiencing beautiful flowers and incense.


TOUCH: by experiencing community built and the peace of Christ shared; receiving Our Lord in the Eucharist.


       II. involve everyone in worship through liturgy well spoken and sung;

       III. pray our liturgies in a God-centred, joyful way;

       IV. provide a variety of styles of worship, including Celtic Prayer and Taizé Prayer
to contribute to the Ecumenical life of Hobart and to welcome new-comers into the

V. experience, share and accept, through the nourishment of the Eucharist, the
charge to make the reality of the presence of God known in our daily lives; the liturgy in our daily lives.