Services Online

Update: Services have resumed at All Saints and St Raphael’s.
For more information about attending a service, please visit this page.

To view recent Livestreamed services, please visit our YouTube Channel at

We hope you feel part of the community as you attend the service with us live this morning.

Differences you will notice between our Livestream and our previous pre-recorded services:

    • One camera angle for the whole service
    • Fluctuations in audio quality depending on how close to the microphone a speaker is standing
    • Less smooth camera movement – we are required to move the camera at certain points during the service (1. to view the pulpit during the sermon, & 2. to focus on a window during the distribution of holy communion). Since this is done live, and the camera is located quite high up, smooth control of panning is not always achieved.
    • the quality of the music recording may be less than ideal. We are still working on solutions for sharing the organ audio better.  

Our Livestreams are run by volunteers, including our youth, not professional camera people, so please enjoy our real and raw style.

For parishioners of All Saints, make your weekly gift, please visit this page.
For parishioners of other parishes who are connecting in with our online services, please contact you regular church to organise how to send your offering to them.

Remember to keep in contact with each other. Give someone a call while having your own morning tea. We may be dispersed, but we are still one community. Have a holy, and refreshing, Sunday.

Previous Pre-recorded Services
(Livestreams are not publicly archived)

Services are recorded in advance and are always in line with the social distancing regulations for places of worship at the time of filming.