How We Continue as a Dispersed Community

Even though we are no longer gathering for services together, the life of the church continues.

Sunday morning services will be available via the homepage of this website. You will be able to watch Fr David hold the weekly Sunday Service, hear the readings, listen to the sermon, pray the intercessions with us, and by uplifted by the music. While we are unable to share the Eucharist physically, we will be able to share what is called “spiritual communion”, which is to receive the body and blood of Christ through faith, one community sharing a spiritual meal, still in the presence of Christ.

Sunday evening services will also be available as we are able. These are our evensong prayer services held each week. These will be sung by a (very) small group of singers. (These services may not be available until after Easter, as we are busy preparing the services for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, as well as our regular Sunday Services).

Resources for Daily prayer will also be available on the website. A pdf of each day’s morning prayer will be available to download, with the Psalm and readings for the day included. Alternatively, if you have a copy of A Prayer Book for Australia, page numbers and readings will be indicated for your use.

At this time when many people at taking social distance, we are that you be considerate of the vulnerabilities and concerns of each other. That being said, this is an important time to make sure no one is feeling alone and forgotten. We encourage our parishioners to pick up the phone and call each other – keep in contact over this time. We are still one community, the body of Christ, even when dispersed.

Bible reading and Lectio Divina are important parts of the Christian life. Lectio Divina is reading the Bible slowly and prayerfully, allowing the words to speak to you in your life right now.

And of course, we are God’s people, so we are called to pray. Take this time to nourish your prayer life. Pray for the world; pray for the church; pray for each other. And when you have said to God what you want to say, just sit in God’s presence, listening attentively, in case the holy one may have something to say to you.

As Christ’s hands in the world, we are still called to help those in need. If you are able, please continue to remember Hobart City Mission, and other social support organisations. Items can be delivered directly to them, or to The Jesse Tree on Mondays between 11am and 1pm (where Yvonne will be available, even though The Jesse Tree is currently not trading due to COVID-19).