Children & Youth

All Saints offers support and encouragement to young people in their journey of faith. This takes the form of a Sunday School (Children’s Church) and All Saints Young Adults (created with those in their late teens to mid-thirties in mind). Unfortunately, we have no specific programme aimed at high-school aged young people at this time.*

It can be difficult as a young person to find the guidance and support needed to nourish a spiritual life in the Church, and the parish is responding to this need. We are providing opportunities for young people to grow in their understanding of Christianity and to deepen their experience of faith.

Please click on the links to learn more about the individual programmes:

Children’s Church

All Saints Young Adults


* Unfortunately, due to the busy-ness of high-school aged students, it is challenging to build up a group that meets regularly. Older teenagers are welcome at our Young Adults gatherings, and younger teenagers are invited to help with the Children’s Church if they are seeking a way to engage with their faith and to have to opportunity to explore Christianity. Additionally, a number of high-school-aged people choose to join the All Saints choir. Also if you are looking for your child to engage more with the faith but they don’t fit in either group, please feel free to contact the Lay Minister, or Fr. David.