Holy Week and Easter Day 2014
The Parish Of All Saints

The liturgical ceremony of this week is the Church’s way of engaging with our Lord in the last week of his life. The actions that we see and take part in are pictures re-presenting the truth of the faith in a vivid, dramatic way. Not only do we see them in front of us, but we take part in them. And it is by taking part in these holy actions that we learn from them. All the time we are taking part in Liturgy (“the work of the people”) we are learning about God and about what God is actually doing in us at the very time we are offering the Liturgy.

At the same time we are given insights into how, through baptism, we are called to live out the Liturgy in the ‘liturgy’ that is our daily life where God and the reality of his kingdom comes into the ‘nitty-gritty’ of our world. We will be reminded of past events in our Lord’s life; be shown what God is doing in the present, in there her and now in us; and be offered a foretaste of what is the future in heaven

Sunday 13th April
Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday we re-enact our Lord’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. We become part of the crowd that ran out of their houses, joined the procession and shouted “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

We gather in the Quiet Garden (the ‘village of Bethany’, from which Jesus set out), hear the Gospel of the Palms and carry our palms into the Church singing ‘All glory, laud and honour’. We will enter the Church represents the Holy City, the scene of Our Lord’s great victory,become part of the action and feel the mood change as the Cross looms large.

We process today as the Body of Christ, bearing witness to the triumph of the cross. Christ is the head. He is with us. We are all joined into him as the living, acting members of his body. We march forward, as he did, to conquer all that would hinder the coming of his kingdom. In the Eucharist that follows we receive power and strength to carry on the victory of Palm Sunday here and now.

The Church also represents the new Jerusalem into which Christ will lead us after death. So, the palms also become our sign of hope for the eternal victory of Christ and his Bride, the Church.

All that we do today is just a preview of the perfect praise and adoration we will give the King of Kings in heaven.

7:45am Mass
All Saints
8:45am Holy Eucharist and Children’s Church
Saint Raphael’s, Fern Tree
10:15am Procession of Palms and High Mass with Children’s Church
With the Choir of All Saints
5:00pm Meditation in Music and Readings

Monday 14th April
Monday in Holy Week

6:00pm Mass
All Saints

Tuesday 15th April
Tuesday in Holy Week

10:30am The Jesse Tree (until 3:30pm)
6:00pm Mass
All Saints
6:00pm Meditation Group
7:30pm Study Group

Wednesday 16th April
Wednesday in Holy Week

10:00am Mass
All Saints
11:00am Study Group
6:00pm Mass
All Saints

Thursday 17th April
Maundy Thursday

Tonight we begin one continuous liturgy that reaches its culmination at the Paschal Vigil and First Mass of Easter on Holy Saturday. Here, we re-enact the washing of the disciples’ feet, the sign of humility and a service offered for no reward, offered as a sign of true love. We are challenged by Christ’s ‘mandatum’, his new commandment to love one another as he has loved us. We also celebrate the Institution of the Eucharist. Remember, that every time we share in the mystery of the Eucharist, through the actions in this little supper room, the walls of the Church fall away and we, too are transported to Calvary and the Supper Room.

After receiving Holy Communion, we turn our gaze to the beginning of Christ’s Passion as we follow Jesus, with his disciples, on the road to the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives. Here in Jesus’ presence, we accept is invitation to “watch for one brief hour.”

11:00am Maundy Thursday Liturgy for Collegiate Anglesea Campus
7:30pm Mass of the Last Supper with the Washing of the Feet, Procession of the Blessed Sacrament and Stripping of the Altar
8:45pm Watch in the Garden of Repose

Friday 18th April
Crown of ThornsGood Friday

The Liturgy begun last night in the Upper Room continues today we walk the Way of the Cross and follow Christ to the Tomb. The bare Church, the empty aumbry, the red vestments all reflect the deep sorrow into which the Church is plunged at the thought of Jesus’ agony and death. Yet it was Christ’s death which reconciled us to God.

The drama of today’s Liturgy involves the reading of the Passion according to Saint John, the veneration of the Cross, the sign of our redemption and Holy Communion received from the Reserved Sacrament consecrated the previous night.

Tenebrae, the Service of Shadows takes place in the darkness of the tomb.

It is because of the first Good Friday that we have a future at all. This central act of our redemption must leave us with a new resolve to make the lesson of Good Friday ours: “If anyone will be my disciple, let them take up their cross, daily, and follow me.”

But it is not a dead Lord that we follow. Jesus said, “Take heart, I have overcome the world.” The cross was not Christ’s defeat but his victory, because the cross led to the resurrection. So, too, with us. Even amidst the sorrow of Good Friday it is still the triumphant risen King of Glory who beckons us forward.

9:00am Solemn Liturgy with Holy Communion
With the Choir of All Saints
11:00am Stations of the Cross
Beginning at St Francis Xavier RC Church, South Hobart and ending at All Saints
5:00pm Tenebrae and Taking Down from the Cross

Saturday 19th April
Holy Saturday

Thousands of years ago, God Passed Over those faithful Jewish families who sprinkled blood from an unblemished sacrificial lamb on their doors. Later, with Moses as their leader, they Passed Over into freedom in the Promised Land.

In his death and resurrection Christ becomes our Paschal Lamb and it is through his blood that we are delivered from the slavery of sin. Our Lord Passed Over from this world to heaven; he Passed Over from death to life; he Passed through the tomb and Over from the suffering of his Passion and death to the glory of his resurrection.

The hymn, “Exsultet”, reminds us that “This is the night when our forefathers were led out of the land of Egypt, through the Red Sea.” And later that “This is the very night which delivers all who believe in Christ from the darkness of sin which restores them to grace and makes them co-sharers with the saints.”

At this Vigil we think of our own Passover from death to life through Baptism and we renew our Baptismal Promises. The water placed in the Font and blessed become the Holy Water used in the Church throughout the year.

The Jesse Tree is closed until Wednesday 23 April
9:00am Working Bee and Church Preparation
5:30pm Children’s Easter Garden Liturgy
7:30pm Lighting of the New Fire, Paschal Vigil and First High Mass of Easter

Sunday 20th April
ResurrectionEaster Day

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
Today the most prominent note in the liturgy is “Alleluia!” “Praise the Lord!” Easter is the season of alleluias. We shout out with joy because Our Lord is risen from the dead and is present with us always. Many of our responses will have an alleluia added during the Easter Season.
He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!

7:45am Mass
All Saints
8:45am Eucharist with Hymns
Saint Raphael’s Fern Tree
10:15am Procession and High Mass with Renewal of Baptismal Vows
Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
7:00pm Songs of Praise for Easter Day
with the Choir of All Saints, Organ and Brass Ensemble
Followed by supper in the Julie Hawker Centre

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